Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

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Albeit a tiny island, Sri Lanka has many things to offer. Waterfalls are some. Most of these spectacular, scenic waterfalls are found in central highlands of the country and can easily be viewed on your way to the up country. But if you love adventures and waterfall hiking in your spare time, here are some of the best waterfalls in the country for you to climb. Or to just view it from far.

Bambarakanda Falls

With a height of 263m, Bambarakanda Falls are the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Balangoda being the closest small town, and that, too, 22km away, the falls can be accessible via Haputale-Kalupahana route. October to March is the best time to visit Bambarakanda Falls.

Diyaluma Falls

Situated in 6km away from Koslanda in Badulla district, Diyaluma falls are the second highest waterfall of Sri Lanka and are formed by Punagala Oya. Although the stream is fairly small, the falls are a scenic and a popular destination among both locals and foreigners.

Dunhida Falls

Scenic, popular yet hardly reachable. If you trek on Piduruthalagala, the tallest mountain of Sri Lanka, spare sometime on your way to see this gem of a beaty. 210ft in height, trek 2km up to reach the base of Dunhinda.

Galagediyana Ella

Now, we have a waterfall that’s very close to Colombo. The heap of the rocks make it one of the widest falls, probably the widest in the island.

Ravana Falls

Nestled in the touristy hub, the little village Ella, Ravana Falls make a breathtaking view overlooking the mountains. It’s safe to take a dip here and climb up a bit if you are careful enough.


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