Holiday Packages

The marvelous attractions in Sri Lanka are uniquely diverse: from unparalleled natural wonders to a rich cultural and historical heritage, these points of interest offer a lot to be explored.
The Discover Sri Lanka package is all about showcasing the wondrous beauty this majestic isle has to offer travellers.
Renowned for its exotic cuisine, Sri Lanka offers a diverse array of culinary delights worth sampling.
Kalpitiya is located in Puttalam district, North Western province of Sri Lanka. It is known for its serene beauty.
Discovering the North and East coasts of Sri Lanka, This tour lets you take a boat ride to Nagadeepa Island & Delft Island to experience unique culture.
Having been blessed with immense natural beauty which comes in the form of breathtaking beaches, cascading waterfalls, mist-shrouded hills, and lush rain forests as well as wildlife in its rich diversity.
Highlighting the paradisaical beauty of Sri Lanka, this tour lets you immerse in the captivating charm of the island’s tropical beaches.

Booked before the 15th of November and get a 5% discount.


What could be more remarkable than getting to spend the first few days of your life as newlyweds in one of the world’s most spectacular islands.