5 Awesome Things to Do in Sri Lanka

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Ever thought of embracing the culture of Sri Lanka? Here are a five cool things to do when you are in sri Lanka to get an essence of local culture and atmosphere.

Drink Thambili


Thambili (king coconut) is a miracle fruit that tastes oh so good as well as has many health benefits. Indigenous to Sri Lanka, king coconut water is the perfect and the healthiest way to beat the Lankan heat. You can spot bright golden coloured piles and piles of king coconuts in every Sri Lankan street. Say no to artificial soft drinks and say yes to thambili.


Isso Wade at Galle Face Green


Some of us has friends who live abroad and only visit Sri Lanka to eat Isso Wade at Galle Face Green. No, we aren’t even lying. They are that delicious. Eating Isso Wade at Galle Face Green is a must-do if you are visiting Sri Lanka. Galle Face Green is a popular park in Colombo specially in weekends. Walk into the ramparts and join hundreds of others watching the breathtaking sunset, too.


Have a Glass of Saruwath


a drink that is available in many colors and many flavors such as mango, orange, nelli, faluda, mixed fruit etc. It’s mostly available in temporary roadside shops made with makeshift tables. Generally the ingredients used to make saruwath are fruit juice, i.e. orange, kasa kasa seeds, pineapple cut into small pieces, sugar syrup, salt and crushed ice. While the sugar syrup makes it extremely sweet, the crushed ice makes it refreshing and an ideal drink for hot Sri Lankan weather.


Hire a Tuk Tuk


Tuk Tuks are the most popular way to get around the country here in Sri Lanka among both locals and foreigners. Get on to a tuk tuk and go around Colombo to experience it yourself. Make sure you hire a tuk tuk with a meter to avoid the misunderstanding or simply install Pick Me app on your smartphone and book a tuktuk.


Kottu Roti


The distinctive noise of metal crashing on metal in small roadside restaurants which locals call ‘hotels’ will remind you of kottu roti even when you are miles and miles away. Kottu roti is a mixture of flatbread mixed with vegetables, cheese, chicken, beef, mutton, pork and even string hoppers. They are usually made after 6pm from the leftovers of food during the day. Kottu roti is extremely delicious but at the same time, it’s safe to say Sri Lankan food doesn’t get unhealthier than this. But don’t forget to treat yourself a plate full of kottu roti when you are in Sri Lanka.

What is your favorite thing to do in Sri Lanka? Have you done a cooler thing when you visited the sundrenched island? Comment below and let us know.


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